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MARCH 10, 2014

The regular meeting of the Dakota Town Board was called to order by Chairman Bandt. The American Flag Pledge was recited. Roll call found all present including Bill VanDongen. Motion was made by Bobby to approve the agenda as printed and seconded by Gary. Motion carried. Motion was made by Forest to approve the minutes as printed and seconded by Gary. Motion carried. Teri gave the treasure’s report. Barb announced that we received a letter from USDA that our loan was paid in full. Motion was made by Gary to approve the bills for payment and seconded by Forest. Motion carried.
Saj Saiyed (Indetel Properties) was a no show. A letter will be sent to Saj to inform him that he will be receiving a special assessment on his 2014 Real Estate Taxes that will include past due room tax, interest and penalties, and fees.
Room Tax ordinance concerns were discussed by the board. Barb and Teri will meet with Joan Olson to get her thoughts about our concerns. There may be a possibility we will be revising (amending) the November 2005 ordinance.
Mr. Bartz from Southgate Terrace is complaining on how the road is plowed. Bobby will tell Hartwigs about his concerns. Larry Grosenick has some trees in the ROW that need to come down. He would like the wood from them.
Town Hall applications were approved. The zumba/exercise class seems to be doing good.
Board will attend meeting on Friday, March 14 at Royal Ridges to be trained for Board of Review.
Barb is sending 3 election workers for training next week.
John Blader gave an update on the assessment year. He has done a partial re-val this year to bring all classes to within 100% for this year.
Motion was made by Gary to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Bobby. Motion Carried.
Barbara Struzynski, Clerk


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